Yes! Someone is actually taking on the daunting task of organising a Salsa Congress in Africa - in Nigeria to be precise! The 1st Africa Salsa Congress is to be held in Abuja, Nigeria between 7 –13 November 2006.

Organising a Salsa Congress is never easy, but organising one in Africa is always going to present some unique opportunities to combine salsa and tourism. It is also going to present some unique salsa backdrops.

Nigeria is most likely the birthplace of the clave and is the home of the Yoruba people. Nigeria is also the place from where the Ifa religion (Orishas) originates.

With the 1st Africa Salsa Congress we hope to bring a bit of an African flava to a Salsa Congress and at the same time hope to be a catalyst for the expansion of salsa throughout Africa. Check out our Africa Salsa Playlist.

Our intention is that every year the Africa Salsa Congress will be held in a different African country; provisionally we have Nairobi (Kenya) 2007, Accra (Ghana) 2008, and Cape Town (South Africa) 2009.

In its inaugural year, the Africa Salsa Congress will take place in the purpose built capital of the Federal Republic of Nigeria – Abuja.

We have been very fortunate to have been offered the 5* Sheraton Hotel as the grand location for the 1st Africa Salsa Congress.

Not only will we be offering the usual activities that you would expect from a salsa congress (top instructors, top DJs, etc), but also many cultural activities to help you to get to know the host country as much as possible including orientation lectures, African dance classes, African markets, etc.

We are delighted to announce that the following instructors will appear at the inaugural Africa Salsa Congress...

SuperMario | London, UK 
Susana Montero | London, UK 
Leon Rose | London, UK
Hacha Y Machete | Boston, USA
Joel and Ana Masacote | Boston,USA
Emma Moore | Manchester, UK
Mushi Noor | Manchester, UK
Andrea Stewart | London, UK
Tamambo | London, UK
Marchant Birch | South Africa/UK tbc

We are also very delighted to have the following DJs...

DJ Gabriel | Paris, France
DJ SuperMario | London, UK
DJ Emma | Manchester, UK
DJ Jano | Togo/UK

More to be added soon.